Stop Faking It! Finally Understanding Science So You Can Teach It: Electricity and Magnetism
Shocked by static? Mixed up about magnets? Curious about currents? This book will help you get beyond memorizing electricity-related formulas, rules, and procedures so you can understand the topic at a deep level deep enough to teach it with confidence and comfort. By covering the basics of static electricity, current electricity, and magnetism, the book develops a scientific model showing that electricity and magnetism are really the same phenomenon in different forms. A bonus feature: access to interactive software that you can download from the NSTA Web site. The software will help you investigate electrical circuits from simple to complex without having to buy a lot of expensive materials (or risking electrocution!). Electricity and Magnetism is the fifth title in the award-winning NSTA Press Stop Faking It! Series. As author Bill Robertson writes, The book you have in your hands is not a textbook. It is, however, designed to help you get science at a level you never thought possible, and also to bring you to the point where tackling more traditional science resources won t be a terrifying, lump-in-your-throat, I-don t-think-I ll-survive experience. Robertson serves as your friendly guide, one with a comforting knack for anticipating fears, meeting information needs, and entertaining as he edifies. Written by William C. Robertson in 2004.
Type(s): Reference Book
Subject(s): Engineering, Physics
Grade Level(s): Informal, General Public, Post-Secondary, High School, Middle School
Total Quantity: 1