Energy Conservation: Experiments You Can Do
Background information, lists of materials needed, and procedures are provided for 11 energy conservation experiments. They include: (1) five experiments on heating and cooling (investigating how insulation works, investigating how weatherstripping works, investigating how storm windows work, building a draftometer, and letting sun heat a house); (2) two experiments involving hot water (determining if one should take a shower or a bath and investigating how a little drip can mean a big energy waste); (3) three experiments on appliances and lighting (investigating if a clothes dryer wastes energy, helping a refrigerator work efficiently, and investigating energy-efficient lighting in a home); and one solar energy experiment involving a sun-powered hot dog cooker. Also included is information on the sources of coal, oil, and gas, and on how to read electric and gas meters.
Type(s): Reference Book, Classroom Activity
Subject(s): Physics
Grade Level(s): Middle School
Total Quantity: 1