Stop Faking It! Finally Understanding Science So You Can Teach It: Force and Motion
Intimidated by inertia? Frightened by forces? Mystified by Newton s law of motion? You re not alone and help is at hand. The stop Faking It! Series is perfect for science teachers, home-schoolers, parents wanting to help with homework all of you who need a jargon-free way to learn the background for teaching middle school physical science with confidence. With Bill Roberton as your friendly, able but somewhat irreverent guide, you will discover you CAN come to grips with the basics of force and motion. Combining easy-to-understand explanations with activities using commonly found equipment, this book will lead you through Newton s laws to the physics of space travel. The book is as entertaining as it is informative. Best of all, the author understands the needs of adults who want concrete examples, hands-on activities, clear language, diagrams and yes, a certain amount of empathy. Ideas For Use Newton's laws, and all of the other motion principles presented in this book, do a good job of helping us to understand, explain, and predict the world around us. We can use them to get to the Moon, design roller coasters, and develop safety regulations for cars. However, there are situations in this book where all the motion stuff is just plain wrong-- as a result of Albert Einsteins' corrections to the law of motion--which will be addressed in another Stop Faking It! book. Written by William C. Robertson in 2002.
Type(s): Reference Book
Subject(s): Engineering, Physics
Grade Level(s): Informal, General Public, Post-Secondary, High School, Middle School, K-5
Total Quantity: 2