Set the sails and weigh the anchor! Several pirate ships cruise the seas, on the lookout for precious hidden treasure. It´s a matter of honor to discover it, load it on board, and to be the first to bring it into the harbor – despite competition from the other pirates, tornadoes and the seal of fate. The pirates are none too friendly: they steal, plunder, and sink ships wherever they can. But too much greed can put their pirate treasure at stake. An absolutely merciless game for the whole family. Board, or be boarded. Contents: 1 game board (17.3 x 17.3 inches/ 44 x 44 cm), 4 ships, 1 dice, 64 treasure pieces, 1 tornado piece, 1 wind wheel, 1 small basket, 1 instructions
Type(s): Classroom Activity
Subject(s): Statistics/Probability, Math
Grade Level(s): Informal, Middle School, K-5, Early Childhood
Total Quantity: 1