Vernier LabQuest Charging Docs
Charge and store your LabQuest and LabQuest 2 interfaces with the LabQuest Charging Station. Its compact size makes it the ideal solution for any laboratory, and the multi-bay charging capabilities save you valuable lab setup time. Each charger holds 4 LabQuests Each charging station has four slots with interchangeable inserts that support either the original LabQuest or the LabQuest 2 Compact design uses the space on your lab bench efficiently Charging indicators let you know your LabQuests are charging and when charging is complete Probe must be used with a Vernier interface (i.e. LabQuest and LabQuest Mini) or a computer with Vernier software.
Type(s): Equipment
Subject(s): General Science
Grade Level(s): Post-Secondary, High School, Middle School, K-5
Total Quantity: 14