PASCO Stopwatches
Designed specifically for science timing and fits perfectly in your hand! Are you tired of annoying stopwatch alarms going off all day? Are your students stuck in the clock mode and can't get their stopwatch back into the timing mode? Does your stopwatch stop working after changing that little watch battery? The PASCO stopwatch solves all these problems! This stopwatch was designed specifically for science timing. The modes of operation are intuitive and complete instructions are included. The buttons are built to last and it uses a single long lasting AA battery which is less expensive than a watch battery, and easier to install. The PASCO Stopwatch fits comfortably in your hand, or rests on the table at a convenient viewing angle. The EVENT/RECALL button allows you to view the last time, in case you forget to write it down. The EVENT/RECALL button is also used to store and recall up to 9 event times.
Type(s): Equipment
Subject(s): General Science
Grade Level(s): Informal, General Public, Post-Secondary, High School, Middle School, K-5, Early Childhood
Total Quantity: 20