SpectroVis Plus - Probe
Having a CCD array spectrometer/fluorometer combination is now affordable for each of your lab stations! Array spectrometer technology allows you to collect a full wavelength spectrum (absorbance, percent transmittance, or intensity) in less than one second. Once the peak wavelength is determined, you can easily determine the concentration of a solution (Beer\'s law) or monitor rates of reaction. With its two different excitation wavelengths, SpectroVis Plus can quantitatively measure the fluorescence spectra of many compounds, such as chlorophyll, fluorescein, GFP, and more. Connect SpectroVis Plus to a LabQuest or a computer running Logger Pro using a standard USB cable (included), and see the results in full color. Probe must be used with a Vernier interface (i.e. LabQuest and LabQuest Mini) or a computer with Vernier software. Click for Vernier software tutorial:

Vernier Website
Type(s): Equipment
Subject(s): General Science, Chemistry, Biology
Grade Level(s): Post-Secondary, High School
Total Quantity: 20