Low Cost Water Monitoring Kit
The eight testing parameters include dissolved oxygen (10 tests), biochemical oxygen demand (10 tests), pH (10 tests), nitrates (10 tests), phosphates (10 tests), temperature change (unlimited), coliform bacteria (3 tests), and turbidity (unlimited). The Kit comes with all the necessary apparatus and non-hazardous TesTab reagents required to perform water quality tests on ten water samples. The GREEN Water Monitoring Kit includes an instructor's manual with clear, easy-to-read, step-by-step, illustrated instructions. This portable kit can be easily packed for a day outdoors! Ideal for students from primary grades through college, as well as citizen monitoring groups.
Type(s): Consumable/Supply, Field Activity
Subject(s): General Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Biology
Grade Level(s): General Public, Post-Secondary, High School, Middle School
Total Quantity: 7