STEM 2 with Vernier and LEGO Mindstorms NXT
At this time, the STEM Resource Center has only one copy of this manual and it may not be loaned out. However, a hard copy may be made of the lab handout or a digital copy may be transferred to a personal pin drive. STEM 2 with Vernier and LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT is our second book of projects and labs in collaboration with LEGO. It has activities using a Dual-Range Force Sensor, Magnetic Field Sensor, Voltage Probe, and Gas Pressure Sensor to motivate upper middle school and high school students to pursue science and engineering careers. It covers topics in physical science and engineering, including mechanics, pressure, electricity, and magnetism. Students are challenged to build and program robots for testing batteries, land mine locator, automated Cartesian diver, and more.
Type(s): Module/Unit, Lesson Plan, Field Activity, Computer Activity, Classroom Activity
Subject(s): Engineering, Physics
Grade Level(s): Post-Secondary, High School
Total Quantity: 0